Basically random stuff, fanon cosmologies and stuff. If you want freedom with that though, go to all dimensions wiki. BTW THIS WIKI IS WIP! Also check out yo mama’s head. Wait what we have 1,149 edits and (technically) 426 pages already!? (Including templates, mediawiki, etc.) AWESOME! Yeah! This wiki will be expanded on 11/23 in the year 2020!

Welcome to atlantis!

Heyo! Fuzzo the fuzzy bee has a secret puzzle. so... do you like BFDI?

make sure you start with verses, and also read the rules. You can also go to FREE VANDALISM PAGE.

you should try our game, too, it’s actually a page and it’s unplayable which makes it even more impossible, it’s the impossible bug killing game.

I can’t get a good page hub, so I’ll use this instead. Omnifish, fractoloid (credit to glitchy999 for the name), and more stuff planned too.

Affiliated wikis

You might want to check out the closely-related wikis such as All Dimensions, Beyond Universe (now redesigned), Verses and Dimensions, Ultimas Cosmology, and Sub Universe Wiki which cover similar topics

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